Black Coated Tee - Distressed

Was: $10.95
Now: $7.95

100% Cotton Coated Tees ready for Sublimation Printing.

Our new Pre-treated Tees are what make Cotton Sublimation achievable!
With our new process, you can produce vibrant, high-definition, and photo-REAL images on 100% cotton tees.

Our process is tried, tested, and true-- you can wash our tees and you won't lose any color!
No cracking or peeling, with unbelievable softness that gets even softer with each wash.

We recommend our blank coated tees to those who already own a sublimation printer and heat press,
or those who wish to take on the well sought-after Cotton Sublimation as a part their business!


For large quantity, custom orders, and wholesale opportunities, please email