Cotton Promo specializes in Cotton Sublimation.

We're reinventing the Graphic Tee with the newest technology in the print industry.

Our patented Cotton Sublimation process is achievable through a hybrid printing system to yield impeccable and hi-definition color payoff with fine and intricate details. 

We eliminate the issues of washable designs, cracking prints, and limited color options.
With our technology, the possibilities are endless.


Create your one-of-a-kind, wearable masterpiece today.


What is Cotton Sublimation?

Cotton Sublimation is the immediate heat transfer of color onto cotton goods.

Previously, sublimation was only achievable on polyester goods - until now.

Our new process allows you to easily print photo-realistic and full color range graphics onto breathable cotton goods. With Cotton Sublimation, you can personalize apparel in minutes!

Stock up on your coated blanks & print with ease, right at home!